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With almost 20 million people living in our state, and over 2 million of them being in Miami-Dade, the need for people’s rights to be protected here is at a high level. A personal injury attorney such as Verdecia Law has the knowledge and will to take a stand against anyone who tries to downplay your damages. Don’t let your voice go unheard, give us a call. The Verdecia Law Firm is located in Coconut Grove, and I proudly assist victims throughout most of southern Florida.

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When people are in Miami, they expect to enjoy the sun all day and then explore the exciting nightlife scene, but while doing so, they might end up hurt. After all, while Miami is a special place, it is not immune to the elements of daily life that sometimes catch us by surprise. As a personal injury lawyer in Miami, I understand that this creates a tough burden on one’s life. After a personal injury, you are bound both physically and financially. During a time like this, you need to know what your options are. If you or someone you care about was a victim in a personal injury, give the law office of Carlos Verdecia a call 1-877-764-2323.

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Avvo.com is a highly respected source for attorney ratings. These ratings are based on the attorney’s clients and peers. Extensive information is required and followed up on to ensure that only real law professionals and their real customers are allowed to use the system. Attorney Carlos Verdecia is not only a proud member of Avvo, but has been honored with a VERY GOOD rating from the organization.

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Law is complex from a methodological viewpoint. Let the dedicated lawyers here at Verdecia Law handle it for you! With over 20 years of experience.