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Truck drivers are under a lot of pressure at their job, resulting in risks being taken that have increased the death rate of other drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians that they share the road with. Almost four thousand people were killed in 2012 by large trucks in the United States. This was a 4% increase just within one year – and the death toll keeps rising. For victims that are fortune to survive, there are usually still severe injuries to be dealt with.

It takes an experienced truck accident lawyer to explain to a jury why the long-term medical costs associated with a truck accident may be much greater than the average medical costs for passenger car accidents. Complications can result from spinal cord damage, brain damage, recurring migraine headaches, amputations, severe burns, skin grafts, and secondary infections. Plastic surgery may even be necessary in truck accidents to restore one’s physical appearance which can affect one’s job performance and ability to function successfully in society.

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A skilled truck accident lawyer understands that the extra weight of a truck, especially one that is loaded with heavy cargo, almost always causes more serious injuries than an accident with a passenger vehicle. The legality of truck accident cases are also more complicated because you are usually dealing with more a commercial plaintiff who almost always has better legal representation than a private individual would have. Additionally, there may be more than one plaintiff in these types of accidents since there may be more than one business involved and the safety conditions of the road come into play more often.

If you’ve been harmed in a crash involving a big rig, tractor trailer, 18 wheeler or any other huge vehicle, you need an attorney that understands these accidents, as they are treated differently in the eyes of the law. Not only that, but these companies are bound to have an intimidating insurance group backing them up – someone you shouldn’t stand up against by yourself. Keep in mind that dealing directly with the insurance companies involved in a truck accident, you will never get you a fair or adequate settlement. In fact, when insurance companies deal with unrepresented individuals, they usually only offer a tiny fraction of what the individual is actually eligible for, if they make any offer at all! This is a sad truth.

A Miami truck accident lawyer can fight for higher compensation in accidents involving trucks because of the higher medical bills, longer recovery times, increased risk of future medical complications, and the greater trauma imposed by this life-altering event. Because the liability of the companies involved is so great, their resistance to admitting guilt and paying what they should pay is very high. You need a well-versed truck accident lawyer on your side to ensure your rights are fully protected.

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