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The owners of companies, homes and land in Broward County are obligated to ensure the safety of their property. If there is a known danger, it is their responsibility to correct it or, at minimum, warn anyone coming near it. When certain measures like this are not taken to protect your safety, the owner or person in charge may soon be facing a premises liability case. If your harm occurred in Ft. Lauderdale or anywhere else in Broward County, you will need a lawyer that is licensed to practice there– like Attorney Carlos Verdecia.

A Lawyer Can Help – Slip and Fall or Not

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Premises liability cases are often wrongfully thought of strictly as slip and falls. While slip and fall cases are in this category, there is more it than just those. For example, injuries caused by poor maintenance of a home’s foundation, ceiling or stairs may also be included as premises liability cases. Injuries due to inadequate security may even be considered. Road conditions that are known about but unfixed could also be. As you see, there are many unique cases of premises liability besides just slip and falls.

If you have been seriously hurt by a slip and fall, or think that you may have any other type of premises liability claim, Attorney Carlos Verdecia suggests that you take quick action. Don’t let your injuries be brushed aside, because the same (or worse) injury could happen to someone else if the issue is not corrected. Call
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