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There must be a definite patient/doctor relationship. For example, casual talk from medical staff that are not involved with your care cannot be relied on and does not apply.

There must be negligence by the doctor. Instances such as medication mix-ups, surgical errors or ignoring a patient’s health conditions would be a few examples.

The pain and physical damages involved with the case must have been caused from the doctor’s negligence.


In addition to all of this, if you’re considering filing for an incident that occurred in Miami, you must contact your lawyer to begin filing your claim before Florida’s statue of limitations has surpassed. For most malpractice cases, it is two years from when the injury was noticed, up to four years from the actual occurrence. The longer you delay contacting a lawyer, the closer your statute of limitation gets. The specific details of these unique cases take time to investigate, so time is of the essence. Call 786-600-1921 to get started with a lawyer now.

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Verdecia Law: Your Miami Malpractice Attorney

Due to new regulations for malpractice, including caps on compensation for some states, many people these days feel that they do not have a chance when it comes to standing up against the medical professionals that have caused them to suffer.

Although medical malpractice cases are not as easy to win as they once were, it’s important that you realize there is still hope. Billions of dollars are still being recovered each year by the victims of malpractice, and Attorney Carlos Verdecia may be able to assist you in making your claim as well. This Miami malpractice attorney has been in the business for more than twenty years, and is not intimidated by large cooperations that think they have the upper hand. He will stand up for you, and show the court exactly why you deserve financial recovery for the trauma you have been through.

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