Florida Traffic: How Does Your City Measure Up?

Texas A&M University recently performed a study on high-traffic areas across the nation. 471 major metro cities were gauged, and the results were released earlier this year.

MIAMI – Miami was found to have the most highly-congested traffic in the state, with an average of 52 hours per year being spent stuck on the road.
ORLANDO – More hours are spent in traffic here than in most other Florida cities, with an average of 46 hours per year.
TAMPA / ST.PETERSBURG – This area landed in third place, with 41 hours per year spent in traffic.
PENSACOLA – Being the 51st most populous city in Florida, most people wouldn’t have guessed that Pensacola would land on this list. However, an average of 38 hours a year are spent in traffic here. The state’s capital city, JACKSONVILLE, tied in with 38 hours as well.
CAPE CORAL – Cape Coral is only the 10th most populous city in Florida, but landed high on the list for traffic congestion, with 30 hours being spent annually.

SARASOTA / BRADENTON – This area also was mentioned in the report as a high-traffic spot on the map (26 hours a year). This is quite impressive considering Sarasota is the 50th most populated city in Florida, and Bradenton lands 52nd.