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Get an Attorney’s Help in Key West

Most of the Florida Keys are located in Monroe County, including the famous vacation spots of Key West and Key Largo. This tropical area sits mostly on the Everglades National Park, which is why one can find animals, plants and fruit here unlike any other place.

Enjoying this location in Florida is truly a unique experience, however, no place is immune to personal injury. Whether you’re on vacation, visiting for the day or even live here, anyone’s day can easily be ruined when they are accidentally harmed by negligence.

Advice from a Florida Keys Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve encountered an injury, ask yourself these questions:

  • Was this my own fault?
  • Who is to blame and why?
  • Can this be proven?
  • How hurt am I?

A personal injury attorney knows that questions like these can often help determine the value of your claim. It’s important to carefully take note of exactly what happened, including your actions and reactions throughout the incident. Any knowledgeable personal injury attorney would recommend that you see a doctor immediately following the mishap. This is to better document the event, as well as put your own health first and foremost.

From there, the Verdecia Law Firm can help you take care of the rest. Connect with Carlos Verdecia if you’ve been hurt in a location near Key West or Key Largo and are looking for a Florida Keys personal injury lawyer. Consultations are always free at 305-918-1710 and there is no fee until your case is won.