miami premises liability

What Makes a Premises Liability Case?

While most premises liability cases in Miami tend to be “slip and fall” claims, there is more to know about it than only that. What it truly refers to is preventable harm that occurred on the property of a person or company. It might even occur at your neighbor’s house or while in a parking lot. Just like other forms of personal injury, it can really happen almost anywhere you go.

A premises liability case could be created due to countless factors, but a big part of the blame ends up on poor maintenance or careless employees. Keep in mind the person being help responsible for your injury would need to know about the hazard in order to correct it. If they were aware, yet neglected to take action, that is when you should take action.

What an Attorney Recommends After a Slip and Fall

If you were hurt due to the negligence of a careless homeowner or employee in Miami, here is what we suggest

  • Take note of what caused your harm. Was it water? Was it a loose step?
  • Look for warnings of the hazard. Was there a caution sign?
  • Think of clues that hint to the hazard being known about.
  • Take photos of the area your accident occurred in, and include any contributing factors.