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Florida Traffic: How Does Your City Measure Up?

Miami Florida traffic


Texas A&M University recently performed a study on high-traffic areas across the nation. 471 major metro cities were gauged, and the results were released earlier this year.


Listed below are the ranking results for cities in Florida.



MIAMI – Miami was found to have the most highly-congested traffic in the state, with an average of 52 hours per year being spent stuck on the road.

ORLANDO – More hours are spent in traffic here than in most other Florida cities, with an average of 46 hours per year.

TAMPA / ST.PETERSBURG – This area landed in third place, with 41 hours per year spent in traffic.

PENSACOLA – Being the 51st most populous city in Florida, most people wouldn’t have guessed that Pensacola would land on this list. However, an average of 38 hours a year are spent in traffic here. The state’s capital city, JACKSONVILLE, tied in with 38 hours as well.

CAPE CORAL – Cape Coral is only the 10th most populous city in Florida, but landed high on the list for traffic congestion, with 30 hours being spent annually.

SARASOTA / BRADENTON – This area also was mentioned in the report as a high-traffic spot on the map (26 hours a year). This is quite impressive considering Sarasota is the 50th most populated city in Florida, and Bradenton lands 52nd.


Were you as surprised as we were about some of these results? What other areas did you expect to make the list?




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Date: June 20, 2016

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